Personal Artist questioned the position of the Artist and what it mean to be a artist in the now. Is the Artist a Label?

The new collection "Cultural Accessoire" you find here or in the Museumshop @

Personal Artist was founded in 2014.


 A selection of 9 pieces.


Art Creator

  Creative crisis? The Art Creator by Personal Artist resolves your blockage within seconds! From the collection "Cultural Accessories" (2018) by Personal Artist.  


Money Free Space

  Money worried? With a jar of Money Free Space from Personal Artist, you'll be free of complaints after only 3 days. Of course with money back guarantee! From the collection "Cultural Accessories" (2018) by PA. POSSIBLE IN XS, S, M, L, XL  


Immortality Watch

  Immortality is now possible! Age, time and death are no longer an issue with the "Universal Immortality Watch". 


The Holy Scriptures of Art

    Youwant to know everything, everything that there is to know about the arts? Then buy this ingenious manual with 677 inspirational blank pages.   


Personal Artist Pass


This badge legitimates you as an artist. 

With this card, you confirm artistry. It is approved for all arts. Age, gender, origin no longer play a role. You enjoy many advantages with this card.


Instant Fame to Take Away

 With "Instant Fame To Take Away" you are fast and efficiently famous to realize in seconds! 


Art Blood



Single Freedom Ring, 2017


You are under social pressure (for example as a unmarried single parent)? You are bored from harassment?  

You feel not free and you feel discriminated but you wanna not go conventional ways or you live already in a different Livestyle and you feel unwell and not accepted as you are. Its not a prob anymore!  

PA has the solution!   


Get rid of social pressure and strange questions • It works 100 %  

Free from convention and religion | Its not coupled to a other person  

Try it out!


Art Context

The best glue ever!